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Hidden Topic #1: Trademark System Bias

I’ve written at great length about trademarks and trademark system bias. But most moms who are struggling with depression and overwhelm are frankly not interested in these topics. To avoid cluttering up the main blog feed I’ve limited access to these posts via the Trademarks 101 graphic link below and the Trademarks Resources page.

Hidden Topic #2: Draft Blog Posts

This website is a work in progress. And many of the posts I publish are time-sensitive. For example, I want to upload my recipes ASAP for my daughter who is caring for my 92-year-old mother in another state.

Consequently, I sometimes publish draft posts. Since these do not meet normal standards of excellence I do not want them in the main blog feed for new visitors to stumble across without explanation. A fuller explanation and link to draft blog posts is here.

(I’ll add Food and Recipes to the menu above once I’ve uploaded and edited enough posts, but for now, these are all lumped in with the draft blog posts.)

Hidden Topic #3: News & Alerts

As a depression survivor, I understand the importance of self-censoring negative influences. In my weakest state, I could not handle staying up on current events. The stress and grief they generated aggravated my tendency toward despair and thoughts of suicide.

This is why the general “News & Alerts” section of my blog is only accessible via this page. That’s not to say you won’t stumble across an occasional post that is cross-referenced to News & Alerts as a secondary topic. Only that I’ve done my best to shield you from negativity in case you’re especially vulnerable right now.

For urgent support, please call the National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

I try to set a “Socially Risky” featured image for any News & Alerts posts that may be controversial. Here’s why:

Facebook has issued warnings that they will limit the reach of posts containing so-called “factually inaccurate” content, and may even take action against the pages which post such content too often. This post about Facebook censorship explains more.

For this reason, I will no longer be posting controversial news alerts to my Facebook business page. Look for the “Socially Risky” graphic to see what I would have posted to Facebook if freedom of speech wasn’t an issue.

Not all News & Alerts posts are controversial. I’m constantly on the search for good news, health and wellness tips, and tools or techniques to automate and grow my business. I repost the best ones here on the blog with the “shared on” graphic.

For example, I posted about a China study that underscored the importance of handwashing and collected a link pack of stuff from around the web including Mashable’s best apps and Lee Greenwood singing God Bless the USA.

Mine is not a perfect system of content curation. If you are currently struggling with depression, please exercise discretion.

I’ll say it again: For urgent support, please call the National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

And Now, On To the Blog!

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