Masks Where This Is Going

Wonder where the mandatory facemasks are taking us? This Facebook graphic explains. I checked the 3 URLs on this graphic. They’re legit. ? May we cherish every day of liberty that remains, and be… Posted by Morgan Reece HQ on Thursday, July 2, 2020 I checked the 3 URLs on this graphic. They’re legit. State … Read more

COVID19 Links

This post will be a continuing work-in-progress, a place for me to collect links relevant to COVID19. Or check out all my Coronavirus posts. About Masks Jacquie at Deep Roots at Home explains why masks are dangerous for children, the elderly, and could conceivably cause more harm than good. Facebook tagged this with their Factcheck … Read more

WhatsApp, Censorship, EARN IT, and the End of Free Speech

Yesterday as I was strategizing how to best use IFTTT to automate platform growth, I stumbled across an article about IFTTT by Mere Civilian that linked a Forbes article about why the founder of WhatsApp left Facebook. His name is Brian Acton and he’s the founder of Signal, a private messaging app with end-to-end encryption. … Read more

Shut Down Bias Exposed

There are many troubling facts in this video by An0maly. As with any other links on my site, this is not a blanket endorsement of the source or even of all the points raised in the video. Here’s what linked content means: this is something worth considering for those of us willing to be open-minded … Read more