COVID19 Links

This post will be a continuing work-in-progress, a place for me to collect links relevant to COVID19. Or check out all my Coronavirus posts.

About Masks

Jacquie at Deep Roots at Home explains why masks are dangerous for children, the elderly, and could conceivably cause more harm than good. Facebook tagged this with their Factcheck warning from Science Feedback: “Blaylock produces no evidence for his claim [that COVID can enter the brain].”

Actually, there are three studies linked in support of the assertion. I guess Science Feedback doesn’t consider publications like ACS Publications (whose tagline is “Most Trusted. Most Cited. Most Read.”), Science Direct, and the National Library of Medicine (a subdomain of to be credible sources of information. Good to know.

Still, I think you really ought to read the post.

About Media Bias

An0maly video points out all the crazy hypocricy and bias in the media.

About Skewed Numbers

Senator Scott Jensen‘s troubling harassment after taking a stand for truth in COVID-19 reporting and common sense in COVID-19 management.