Ivermectin Cautions

I sent a doctor friend the link to Dr. Kory’s presentation about ivermectin. (See FLCCC.net). This was his response:

“Thank you for sharing this. I watched it and learned. I use ivermectin frequently for scabies. I think there is good evidence now that it has antiviral affect and will make a difference with those who get Covid. I would question the efficacy of taking it prophylactically (to prevent infection) as there are known side effects from the medication. It makes more sense to eventually get the infection and be treated with this medication to attenuate the severity, but at the same time you get a natural immunity.
If I get Covid again… I will definitely us it!! :-)” — Morgan’s MD friend

Another friend, a little older than me, was exposed to Covid. Got a prescription for ivermectin but her body did not respond well so she had to go off it. (I’m wondering if that wouldn’t be expected because so many humans carry parasites. We deworm our pets twice a year but most of us don’t deworm ourselves. I felt sick the first few days I did a parasite cleanse recently but then the nausea passed. Other digestive disturbances cleared up and I started sleeping better. So there ya go.)

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