Random Link About Stuff

I’m going to go out on a limb and post about “stuff” like a certain blogger (VC) did a while back. This is necessarily hieroglyphics in nature because, well, one can’t be too careful. Besides, it’s not the point of my blog, I just wanted to make it available.

You’ll need a free Airtable account to access this top secret stuff. Okay, it’s not top secret. Actually, it’s an Airtable of easily accessible, free-to-download info on reactions to certain stuff touted to protect everyone from worse stuff. Only, the protecting stuff had the undesirable result of actually ending important stuff. Stuff like breathing and whatnot. (Airtable, for the uninitiated, is my BFF for all things spreadsheet or database related. Best thing since sliced bread, and it’s free!)

The link grants access to an Airtable with three views (currently). The “Grid View” holds all the info downloaded from the official website. I added one field to the original file, “Comorbidity Factors,” to make it easier to find patterns. The 10 Young Deaths view lists the cases my friend sent me. 7 out of 10 clearly had underlying comorbidity factors. So there’s that.

The All Young Deaths view displays records of people who stopped breathing well before their 65th birthday, thanks to the stuff they were given as protection from other stuff. The first 24 of 62 records had no notes about their current physical condition (except “not ill” or something like that). Everyone else had underlying comorbidities, often many of them. Without details about each person’s health prior to receiving the stuff, it’s tough to blame the stuff entirely for the death. And it stands to reason, they were just as likely to die from the actual stuff as from the stuff meant to prevent the stuff.

The info on the source website is dynamic (they only keep the most recent data accessible on the front end), so I might try to update this periodically. If I’m not busy with other stuff.

Here’s the link: https://airtable.com/shrOy1CpA8zHxcxAa