Why Did Paul Valerans Die?

Ex-UFC fighter Paul Valerans died from Covid. He was 51. “So young!” Yes. Young and obese. He was 300 pounds during his career, and if his Facebook pics are any indication, he was still obese when he got Covid.

Obesity is one of the top co-morbidity factors for Covid. Our friend who is obese (like Paul Varelans was) nearly died from Covid. Sad and sobering. Still, I wonder if Paul Valeran’s death might have been avoided, if only safe and effective Covid therapies were more widely known.


Dr. Richard Bartlett has treated thousands of patients (including those who are obese) with budesonide. He’s had zero deaths.

His treatment protocol is misrepresented in mainstream media (MSM) and a “fact checker” article. (Bartlett’s *nebulized* budesonide goes directly to lungs, is needed only for short time; MSM doctors caution against long-term use of *ingested or inhaled* corticosteroids; there are many other inconsistencies between the protocol facts and the critics’ objections).

Budesonide “trials” use delivery methods (oral, injected) that are dangerous and doomed to fail.

My fact-check of Dr. Bartlett’s budesonide claims are at https://www.factrevolution.com/budesonide-therapy-part1/


Dr. Pierre Kory’s research group has compiled research proving Ivermectin’s effectiveness. Yet NIH refuses to update their guidelines on its use.

Dr. Kory delivered an impassioned plea for Ivermectin’s use so he won’t be forced to watch more patients die needlessly. See Dr. Kory’s video and Ivermectin research at https://covid19criticalcare.com

Nutritional Therapies

Dr. David Brownstein uses a nutritional protocol his team developed to fight viruses to successfully treat Covid patients. Zero deaths. FDA forced him to remove the protocol from his website.

It really would seem as if evil forces are trying to kill the truth (and us with it). The FDA is even considering taking budesonide off the market after 25 years of safe use as an allergy medication.

For more about safe and effective Covid treatments, check out the links Clay Clark has compiled at https://timetofreeamerica.com/proven-treatments/